Kansas, KS

Kansas is the 15th largest state in the United States and takes it name from the Kansa Indian tribe.  Kansas was the site of much contention in the decades leading up to the American Civil War due to a large influx of pro- and anti-abolitionist settlers eventually culminating in violence and leading to the Bleeding Kansas period of state history.  It would eventually enter the Union as a Free State just before the outbreak of the Civil War.

As a Grain Belt state Kansas has a massive agricultural economy as well as significant productivity in oil and natural gas.  Kansas has many pioneer era landmarks and museums as well as displays of its aeronautical history.  Aerospace has long been an influential part of the Kansas economy since WWII and the state remains a primary manufacturing center for aircraft.

Most of Kansas’ population is in the eastern third of the state with concentrations around Wichita in the central east and Topeka near the eastern state line.


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